Birth Pools



We are so happy to help provide you with a birth pool and accessories for your upcoming birth! Our birth pools come with all the accessories you’ll need along with a partial refund policy if you are unable to use the pool. We pride ourselves on giving exceptional customer service and look forward to helping you check this off your to do list. Our Birth Pool in a Box and accessories will all be delivered to you by 37 weeks and picked up within 72 hours of delivery so that you are free to relax and enjoy your newborn.


Birth Pool in a Box

The Professional Birth Pool in a Box model is designed for reuse by midwives, birth centers, hospitals and in other situations requiring a more durable tub that can withstand heavy use.

The .55mm heavy plastic provides extra strength and protection over the personal version. This extra thickness on the bottom of the pool helps to prevent leaks and drips on the floor. The added thickness also offers a layer of padding on the bottom which makes it more comfortable for clients. 

These tubs are designed for use with a disposable liner that provides a safe and sanitary method for reusing the tubs.


“Whenever And However You Intend To Give Birth, Your Experience Will Impact Your Emotions, Your Mind, Your Body, And Your Spirit For The Rest Of Your Life.” 

— Ina May Gaskin


Birth Pool Rental Includes:

  • Birth Pool in a Box Inflatable Pool

  • Pool Liner

  • Electric Air Pump

  • Electric Sump Pump

  • Shower/Faucet Connector

  • Fish Net

  • Thermometer

  • (Optional) New Potable Water Hose

  • (Optional) New Pool Underlayment Pad