Birth Boot Camp

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Why Birth Boot Camp?


Birth Boot Camp specializes in preparing couples for an amazing birth and breastfeeding experience. 


  1. You CAN have an amazing birth and breastfeeding experience!

  2. Couples can work together and grow closer through childbirth education.

  3. Learning to relax both mentally, emotionally, and physically is an important skill needed for birth. Practice helps!

  4. Nutrition, exercise, preparation, knowledge, and support are an integral part of having a wonderful birth experience.

  5. Your support team matters! Your childbirth educator and doula are an imperative part of this team.

  6. A professional and trained doula can improve your birth experience.

  7. Breastfeeding is the best start for you and your baby. Education is key to getting off on the right foot.


Dr. William and Martha Sears

“Birth Boot Camp truly does empower couples to get the birth that is right for mother and baby. This course equips you to both prevent common health problems during pregnancy, and if they do occur, how to complement natural home remedies with medical treatment. Birth Boot Camp prepares a laboring mom to recognize her unique internal signals of the hormonal symphony playing inside her body to grow and birth a little human being. You will also learn how to work with your birth-care provider to have a satisfying birth and a healthy mother and baby. We are pleased to recommend Birth Boot Camp.”

~William and Martha Sears, Authors of The Healthy Pregnancy Book.


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Class Topics include:

  • Avoiding pain naturally

  • Relaxation & comfort measures

  • Navigating interventions

  • The process of labor and birth

  • Nutrition and exercise

  • Ways to avoid a cesarean

  • VBAC & special circumstances

  • First hours after birth

  • Newborn testing & procedures

  • Tips for life with a new recruit

  • Every couple receives a full-color Field Manual, tote, pen, and Breastfeeding DVD download


Classes available:

Comprehensive - If you desire an unmedicated birth, are first time parents, or are preparing for a VBAC, this class will prepare you on all levels.

Hospital Birth - Designed for the couple who wants more. More education. More fun. More relaxation and labor practice. More information on interventions, including medicated and cesarean births.

Out of Hospital Birth - Planning to have your baby at home or a birth center? This class will give you the nuts and bolts of labor. Learn what happens before, during, after birth, and variations of labor.

Comfort Measures - Relaxation, preventing pain, comfort measures, labor positions, massage, and tips for Dad.

Siblings at Birth - The tone for the growing family starts with how we approach birth. When children are included in the preparation for childbirth with their own birth class, they see the coming baby as a celebration.

Homecoming, Life with a New Recruit - Your manual to early parenthood! Topics include breastfeeding, newborn procedures, babywearing, safe sleep, postpartum topics, and baby comfort techniques to help you and your partner.

Reboot Refresher - Designed for couples planning their second (or third or fourth) natural birth. Tailored just for you to address your particular concerns and needs for your subsequent natural births.

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Private lessons also available if the scheduled classes don’t fit your needs.

Class Schedule