Q & A

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Why Birth Boot Camp?
Is Birth Boot Camp only for couples wanting a natural childbirth experience?

No! Birth Boot Camp is for anyone who wants to learn about birth. Birth Boot Camp classes are practical, engaging, and comprehensive. Whether you are planning to give birth in a hospital, birth center or at home, you AND your partner will be equipped with all the tools, information, and resources you’ll need to not only have an amazing birth but a smooth and enjoyable transition into parenthood and breastfeeding. Also, if you or your partner is unable to attend one of the classes or if you are due before the final class session, you can take up to four online make-up classes for free.

How long have you been teaching Birth Boot Camp classes?

My husband and I decided to take Birth Boot Camp classes in 2014 for the birth of our first child. We loved the classes and felt fully equipped for the natural birth we were striving for. It was such a great experience that I decided I wanted to help teach other couples how to feel prepared and not fearful of their birth experience. I certified as an instructor with Birth Boot Camp in October of 2016.

Birth Pool Rental - If I have to transport or deliver in another area of my home rather than the birth pool, do you offer a refund?

Yes! We offer a partial refund if the birth pool isn’t used. After planning out our home birth pool experience with our second child and then delivering in our bed rather than the pool, it was important to us to offer a partial refund for those couples who also aren’t able to use the birth pool as planned. A $100 refund will be given provided that the liner/s were unopened, if the liner/s were opened then the cost of the liner/s will be deducted from the refund amount.

If we purchase additional liners and/or additional new potable water fill hoses but don’t use them, can they be returned for a refund?

Yes! Any add ons that are unopened may be returned for a full refund.

Doula Services - If we hire you as our doula what all does that entail?

Once hired, you will have 24/7 access to me via email, phone, and text. I try to respond as quickly as possible. In the event I am teaching a class or attending a birth when you contact me, my response time will be delayed. I will be ‘on call’ for you from 37 weeks until delivery. I offer a list of community resources as well as access to my Lending Library of books and videos related to pregnancy, delivery, and newborn procedures. Services include a FREE consult, 1 prenatal visit where I get to know you and talk through your desires for your birth, continuous labor and delivery support once you go into labor and up to 2 hours postpartum. Lastly, 1 postpartum visit around 2-4 weeks postpartum.

Do you offer discounts for combined services?

Yes! Contact us with which services you would like to combine as different combinations offer different discounts.